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Learn about WiredTree's experience with Noction IRP

Improve BGP performance - IRP is far away the best performing intelligent routing product that allows engineering control to go beyond relatively simple request of "keep the network running" to leverage strategic advantages for customres over their competition.

Decrease operational costs - Noction IRP adds the ability to generate massive cost savings by intelligently leveraging inexpensive transit providers whenever possible, and more expensive providers only as necessary.

Advanced network troubleshooting -   IRP is a complete network monitoring and troubleshooting solution, making it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues.

How Providers Benefit from Noction IRP?

“We typically only get a few escalated tickets due to odd routing issues outside of our network every month, but we haven't had any since deploying Noction IRP.”  

  Zac Cogswell, President at WiredTree

“I didn't expect a large performance increase as we use the top Tier-1 backbone providers, but the results are impressive! ”

  Zac Cogswell, President at WiredTree


By deploying Noction IRP, WiredTree achived:

Optimized network traffic for performance, reduced latency and packet loss.

Gained network stability by automatically rerouting network congestion and outages.

Boosted customer satisfaction by providing a reliable, consistent network.

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